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19 Shades of Black Documentary

19 Shades of Black, a conversation about the experience of 19 Black woman from their eyes of perspective.

more listening, less talking

19 Shades of Black

Some see them as the backbone of America. Others see them as loud and overbearing. We see them as women with a story to tell. A story often overlooked and dismissed. A story told among themselves but rarely shared with others.

19 Shades of Black is a film about black women. Their lives, their struggles, their stories.

In asking the question, “What is it like to be a black women, living in the United States, today,” we were allowed a glimpse into their lives and walked away with a better understanding of the world of a black woman.

The women of 19 Shades of Black allow you to see the world through their eyes and to understand the historic and present day challenges they face.

Observation leads to understanding.